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30 years later in France female prime minister: Elisabeth Borne appointed to mission

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Following the second type of presidential election held in France on April 24, the new Prime Minister of the country became apparent after Prime Minister Jean Castex submitted his resignation to President Emmanuel Macron.

Macron brought 61-year-old Labor Minister Elisabeth Borne to the vacant seat from Castex. “The President appointed Elisabeth Borne as Prime Minister and instructed her to form the government,” the presidency said in a statement.


Macron, in his social media account, thanked Castex and its group for their services to the country, and said, “We acted with passion and commitment in the service of France for about two years. it did. Let’s be proud of the work done and the results achieved together.”

Borne became the first lady to be appointed as the first lady after Edith Cresson, who served as Prime Minister in the middle of 1991-1992. Appointed as Prime Minister and tasked with forming the new government, Borne served as Minister of Transport in the government of Edouard Philippe, the first Prime Minister of the Macron era, and was later appointed as the Minister of Environment. Borne served as Minister of Labor in the Castex government. Borne is known to have a close streak of socialists.


During Borne’s Ministry of Labor, unemployment in the country fell to the lowest level in 15 years and youth unemployment in 40 years. “A true workaholic is someone who can work until 3am and be back at 7am,” said a former employee of Borne.

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