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’30 August’ celebration from NATO: Greece files official complaint

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The 100th anniversary of the August 30 Victory Day was celebrated with enthusiasm all over the country yesterday.

NATO also congratulated Turkey by sharing a post on its Twitter account.

The post, made on the social media account of the NATO Allied Ground Command, started with the words “Happy Victory Day”.

“Today is the 100th anniversary of Turkish independence. We join our Turkish allies in NATO and beyond in celebration of Victory and Turkish Armed Forces Day,” the message continued in English. has been shared.

He also tagged the Ministry of National Defense in his command post.


NATO’s August 30 post had a wide repercussion in Greece.

According to the news of the Kathimerini newspaper, the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that it has made an official complaint to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. In the ministry statement, the declaration of the military alliance was described as an “unacceptable step”.

It has been reported that the Greek army will also file a complaint with the Supreme Headquarters of Allied Forces Europe, affiliated to NATO.

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