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25 thousand TL promotion for justice worker

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The bank promotion agreement of the Ministry of Justice worker was signed with a record number. The 3-year promotion fee will be paid in advance as 25 thousand liras.

ANKARA (IGFA)- The first session of the tender, which was held with the aim of determining the bank from which the salary, price and other payments of the worker working in the central and non-central units of the Ministry of Justice and the justice organization will be made, was held on 19 August.

In the first session, the highest bid was given by Vakıfbank as 20 thousand 100 TL, while other banks withdrew from the tender.

In the last session of the tender, which was held yesterday with the participation of the representatives of the Ministry of Justice, Office Officer Sen and Koop İş Sen officials, Vakıfbank revised its offer as 25 thousand TL to be paid in cash and awarded the tender based on this number.

In the statement made by the Ministry, it was announced that 25 thousand TL, which was determined as a 3-year promotion price as a result of the tender, will be paid to the relevant workers in one time, in cash and equally, in the middle of September 1st and October 1st, 2022, without any deductions.

Ministry officials thanked the Office Servants Union and Koop-İş Unions and bank members, especially the General Manager of Vakıfbank, for their contribution to the process, and said, “We wish the record amount to be paid to each of our workers, who devotedly carry out their activities to provide justice services to our nation, to be paid with a bank promotion agreement, to be good.” gave.

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