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210 grams of bread became 4 TL in Istanbul

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The price of 210 grams of bread in bakeries affiliated to the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) has been increased to 4 TL.

Voting was held at the July parliamentary meeting of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) to determine the bread price tariffs in Istanbul.

According to Dünya newspaper, as a result of the voting, the Maximum Bread Price Tariff, which was prepared in Istanbul as “1 kilogram of bread will be 4 TL for 210 grams of bread, provided that the maximum price of 19.05 TL is not exceeded” was accepted.

In the previously determined recipe, the maximum price of a kilogram of bread was determined as 14.28 TL and it was decided to sell 230 grams of bread for 3 TL. Thus, a 33 percent increase was made in the kilogram price of bread.

At the beginning of the week in Ankara, the price of bread was increased and the price of 200 grams of bread increased from 3 liras to 4 liras.

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