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2022-2023 fishing period begins

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SAKARYA (IGFA) – With the lifting of the fishing ban in the seas, hunting activity has resumed in the coastal areas to the north of the city. Indicating that fishing has a valuable place in the city, Leader Big said, “With our approximately 90 kilometers of Black Sea coastline, fishing plays an important role in the city. I wish all our fishermen who are looking for the sustenance of their dwellings day and night with their hard work and sweat, wishing that the 2022-2023 fishing season will be a fruitful and beneficial period,” he said.

I wish you a prosperous and prosperous season.

Stating that the sea is as full of mercy as the land of the city, Leader Ekrem Şanlı said, “Fishing means effort for the welfare of the family away from the family. Fishing is to set off early and seek the bread of his abode on the power bases of winter. After the middle of the year, the fishing season, which our fishermen, who completed their maintenance and repair works, waited patiently, opened. I wish all our fishermen, who say vira bismillah with the prestige of September 1, and who seek the sustenance of their house day and night with their labor and sweat, with the hope that the 2022-2023 fishing period will be a fruitful and profitable what’s that. We hope and pray that this year’s fish season will be more pleasant, fruitful and healthier than the previous year. Let the hands that bring the mercy of our seas to the table of our citizens should not be worried.”

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