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2 new libraries to Kayseri Talas

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Kayseri’s Talas Municipality continues to add new libraries all over the district. After the 24/7 Library and Altıntepe District Library, which were put into service, two new libraries are being built in the outbuildings of Abdülhamid Han Mosque and Mevlana Mosque in Mevlana District. In addition, the production of the Mehmet Karamercan Library, the foundation of which was laid in May, continues.

Within the scope of the project, two new district libraries, 400 square meters for the Mevlana Mosque and 600 square meters for the Abdülhamit Han Mosque, will be added. Libraries, which will at the service of students and be researchers with a decent working environment, will meet a valuable need in the region.

The libraries that Kayseri Talas Municipality Leader Mustafa Yalçın will bring to the Mevlana District, known for his support for education, were welcomed by the people of the region.

Emphasizing the value of creating places where children can study in a quiet, decent and faithful environment, the residents of the region thanked Leader Yalçın for his support for education.


As it is known, Talas Municipality Leader Mustafa Yalçın first brought the 24/7 Library and Culture Center, which is open 24/7 and known as the ‘library that does not sleep’, to the district. After the 24/7 Library, which is a place preferred by students and academics who make degrees in exams such as YKS, LGS and TUS, Altıntepe Neighborhood Library was built in the outbuilding of Altıntepe Mosque in Kiçiköy.

Leader Yalçın, who has progressed the project of adding 100 libraries under 100 apartments and mosques in the district, is now adding two new libraries to the outbuildings of two mosques in the Mevlana District. However, the production works of the Mevlana Mahallesi Mehmet Karamercan Library, whose foundation was laid in May, continue.

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