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19 kids who died in Texas school shooting just like class

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As the discussions on “legal regulation of assault weapons” flared up again in the country, the details about the raid on Robb Primary School in Uvalde started to be shared by the authorities.

Speaking to the press, Christopher Olivarez from the Texas Department of Public Security stated that 18-year-old attacker Salvador Ramos locked himself in a classroom with 4th graders and brutally shot anyone who came in his way.

Reminding that the police neutralized the attacker who had clashed with them by breaking the windows of the classroom where there were about 25-30 students, Olivarez shared the information that 19 students and 2 teachers who lost their lives were also from the same class.

Olivarez noted that the motivation of the attacker is not known now, and that security units continue to investigate Ramos’ social media accounts.

It was stated that Ramos was wearing a tactical vest carrying a magazine and extra ammunition used by special police groups (SWAT) during the attack.

It was reported that other students and school staff, who locked themselves in classrooms inside the building during the attack, were evacuated to a safe place after the police broke the windows from outside.


Texas Senator Roland Gutierrez said that, according to the briefing given to him by the state police, Ramos bought two “assault weapons” on his 18th birthday, and that he made posts on social media implying that “children should take care of themselves”.

It has also been reported that Ramos quickly escaped from the scene with his vehicle, wounding his grandmother with a gun before the attack on the school, and then crashed the vehicle close to the school where he was going to attack.

While the injured grandmother was taken to the hospital for treatment, police reportedly tried to reach Ramos’ grandfather and other family members.

Speaking about the incident, state Senator John Whitmire also noted that Ramos had purchased two AR-type assault guns and 375 rounds a week before the raid, and left one of the guns in the vehicle he crashed into near the school.

Authorities also reported that Ramos lived with his grandfather and grandmother in Uvalde, attended high school in the town, had no previous criminal record, and could not identify any of his job, friend or girlfriend.

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