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123 million TL savings with vehicles in Izmit

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Kocaeli Izmit Municipality Leader Atty. Fatma Kaplan, in her statement at the Hürriyet press conference, said that the municipality saved 123 million TL in two years with 71 vehicles that were brought into the municipality for 27 million TL two years ago.

KOCAELİ (IGFA) – Izmit Municipality Leader Atty. Fatma Kaplan Hürriyet held a press conference in the meeting hall of the relevant authority for the council meeting held in the past days.

Hürriyet stated that they saved 123 million with 71 vehicles purchased by Izmit Municipality with 27 million TL two years ago, and said, “If this is the savings we made with 27 million TL, they would also authorize us for 55 million TL, which we wanted to buy all the vehicles, so that we could buy all of them with that money. . Would you double or triple the savings rate, would you say 200 million TL, would you say 300 million TL?

Hürriyet said, “If we could get an authorization for 55 million TL that period, we would not be talking about leasing in Izmit Municipality today. Unfortunately we couldn’t buy it. The current equivalent of the vehicles we could buy for 55 million TL at that time is 150-200 million TL. Our construction equipment and truck, which we bought for 27 million TL, is 70-80 million TL today, friends. Assuming that we also remove the lease, it pays for itself in 3 years,” he said.


Hürriyet said, “Think about these rental costs for 10 years, there is a saving and property cost by acquiring a property,” said Hürriyet. We are calculating at least, we are sure that there is more. We say less in order not to mess with numbers. We saved at least 123 Million TL in two years with the vehicles we bought with 27 Million TL that day. A very important number. We are talking about 123 Million TL savings. This money is the nation’s money. If we didn’t buy it, we would have to pay the nation’s money to companies, individuals and abroad. Would you double it? Would you say 200 Million TL? Would you say 300 Million TL? Imagine that you got rid of the 10-year lease? As you know, construction machines have a much longer lifespan, there are construction machines that we use for 15-20 years and they work perfectly. If we think over 10 years, if there is no rental business for 10 years, if 71 vehicles purchased for 27 million pay for themselves in two years, let others pay for themselves in 4 years, 5 years. Ultimately, very important savings remain with the municipality,” he said.

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