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1000 lira went down to ‘gold’

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June 25 gold prices continue to surprise. Grams fell below 1000 liras. The expert announced that gold will continue to earn investors. On the other hand, it was reported that 0.10 grams of gold could be replaced by 0.05 grams of gold. The price of 0.05 gr gold, which corresponds to 1 in 20 gram gold, is in the 55 TL band…

Economics Specialist Dr. Salih Özman said that 0.10 grams of gold, which corresponds to one-tenth of the gram gold sold for cheese bread last year, could be replaced by 0.05-grams of gold, which corresponds to one-twentieth of the gram gold, this year.

Emphasizing that the citizens who stopped buying a quarter of gold did not buy a gram of gold, they bought half a gram, and said, “We recently attended the International Jewelry Fair. All the jewelers in Anatolia were very hopeful. Currently, in many cities, quarter golds from customers are cut and melted because there is no demand. Since a quarter of gold has exceeded 1,700 TL, it has ceased to be a treat that can be easily taken. Half grams began to decorate our stands. The gold that can now be sold has changed to half a gram. Half a gram is sold for 500, gram gold for a thousand TL. In the past years, as of the 2nd week of June, the activity started, and when the schools were closed, we were entering a heavy tempo.

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