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10 thousand ATMs from ASELSAN to public banks

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ASELSAN, which brings high technology-based works to the security forces in the defense industry, produces solutions in a number of fields, especially in transportation, power, health and automation, with its capabilities. ASELSAN has recently started to work to meet the needs in the field of finance.

ASELSAN signed its first contract in the field of financial technologies with 7 public banks and Bileş AŞ. Within the scope of the contract, 10 thousand ATMs will be provided.

With the projects it will carry out in this field, ASELSAN aims to share its experience in every step of engineering with the finance department. Aiming to defend the priority of localization and nationalization in this process, the company will also contribute to the development of the local supplier ecosystem in the field of financial technologies.

Entering the field of financial technologies will be reflected in both the orders and customer portfolio of ASELSAN as diversity.


ASELSAN’s projects in the field of financial technologies will focus on customer diversification in the public and private sectors. ASELSAN solutions will be developed on various topics from new generation banking technologies to payment recording devices.

While the value of technology in the more active management of the services provided in the finance department is increasing day by day, ASELSAN has structured its organization with the aim of following the developments in financial technologies and valuing business development opportunities in this field.

With the activities in the field of financial technologies, works and systems that are currently supplied from abroad will be produced, and a valuable resource will be kept in the country. In addition, hardware and software experience in areas such as information security and cryptology, which are frequently used in defense technologies, will be transformed into works, systems and solutions to be used in financial markets in the future.

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