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10 percent increase in eggs

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According to the price list published by the Central Union of Egg Producers (Yum-Bir), the price of large-length eggs excluding Added Value Tax (VAT) increased from 1 lira to 1 lira to 10 kurus, and the price of medium-length eggs from 90 kurus to 1 lira. While the increase in large length eggs was 10 percent, the price increase in medium length eggs was 12.5 percent. VAT-free prices are included in Yum-Bir’s price bulletin dated May 16. In the markets, the price of large length eggs has exceeded 1.5 liras.

The announced wholesale prices vary according to markets and regions.


In the price archives of the Egg Producers Central Union, it is seen that on May 17 last year, large- length eggs cost 55 cents. The tax-free price of large-length eggs increased by 100 percent in a year, reaching 1 lira to 10 cents.

On the other hand, the decision to reduce VAT in food from 8 percent to 1 percent was published in the Official Gazette in March this year. The discount is valid from February 14th.

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