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1 million Syrians return to their homes

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The 8-phase plan will come into effect for the eager return project announced by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for Syrian refugees. Priority will be given to areas where political and military stability is guaranteed, where 13 local councils are the dominant power in the 5 regions where stability is ensured.

Opening its arms to oppressed and aggrieved people, Turkey is taking another valuable step so that Syrian refugees can return to their countries under more favorable conditions and continue their lives. Within the framework of President Erdogan’s speech at the turnkey ceremony of the briquette houses built in Idlib the previous day, detailed studies are being carried out on the project with relevant institutions and organizations for the willing return of 1 million immigrants to their countries. For cities to be established in stable and faithful regions, priority will be given to Syrians living in provinces with a heavy population.

Previously, the briquette housing project was initiated in order to provide shelter for the victims of war in the faithful regions. The aim, which was determined as 50 thousand, was expanded and the production of 100 thousand briquette houses was planned. To date, Syrians have been placed in around 67 thousand briquette houses.

According to Sabah’s news, while briquette houses are being built, 1 million more Syrian refugees will be returned to their countries with the new project to be put into use.


New settlements will be built in areas where 13 local councils were located, especially Azez, Jarablus, ElBab, TelAbyad and Rasulayn. The project, which is planned for the return of 1 million Syrians, which will consist of 8 stages, will operate as follows:

1- Willing return will be started from heavily populated areas in metropolitan cities such as Ankara Istanbul , Konya Adana Gaziantep.
2- Willing returns will be made in regions where military and political stability and security are ensured. Local councils in 13 other regions, especially Azez, Jarablus, Al Bab, Tel Abyad and Rasulayn, will contribute to the project.
3- Under the coordination of AFAD, new areas will be opened for briquette housing and social equipment of 12 NGOs such as Kızılay and IHH.
4- In order to maintain daily life, trade areas such as small industrial estates, shops and bazaars will be established, new opportunities employment will be provided.
5- Infrastructure and superstructure, especially schools, hospitals, mosques, will be built.
6- Vocational courses, micro-credits and production workshops will be established so that Syrians can have a profession.
7- Rehabilitation, spiritual support and education activities will be weighed.
8- Reinforcements will be requested from national and international funds, including the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

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