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1 million 817 thousand votes brought from abroad are classified in Ankara

For the Presidential Elections to be held on 14 May in Turkey and the 28th Term Parliamentary Elections, the votes used in the overseas representations and brought to Ankara by plane were classified according to the countries at the ATO Congresium and started to be put into the ballot boxes.

Between April 27 and May 9, 1 million 817 thousand votes cast in 151 representations in 72 countries will be classified. Votes will be counted on May 14 at 17:00.


Ali Uğuz, Chairman of the Overseas District Election Board, said: Reminding that the votes were cast in 151 representations of 72 countries, he said, “The votes cast were put in diplomatic bags and arrived directly in Ankara with three cargo planes. Currently, there are 1 million 817 thousand votes cast in the foreign representations of April 27-May 9. Voting is still ongoing at customs. It will continue until May 14, 17:00. We will not count those votes, they will be counted by the election boards established at the customs and merger minutes will be sent to us.said.

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Uğuz stated that his preparations continue in case the election may go to the second round. If there is a second round, we continue our preparations, our schedule is very short. Since only the presidential election will be held in the second round, we will start to print our ballot papers as of 15 May, by looking at the number of voters who cast their votes and considering our normal number of voters, and we will prepare our diplomatic bags. We will send it via diplomatic couriers within three days. Voting will take three days. Couriers will come to us and we will do the counting on May 28.” said.

Voting at overseas representations ended on 9 May. At the customs gates, voting will continue until 17.00 on Sunday, May 14.

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